HME Business

A Simple Fix to a Complex Problem

Diabetes management company GlucoMe is using an everyday device to wrangle the pandemic-sized problem of diabetes care management.

Medical Product Outsourcing Magazine (MPO)

Closing the Loop on Diabetes Care

In order to close the “treatment loop” that can occur between doctor and patient as a result of inadequate consultation time, communication, and real-time health data, many patients are using mobile health (mHealth) solutions to more effectively and efficiently manage their diabetes. 


GlucoMe’s Digital Diabetes Management Platform: Interview with Yiftah Ben Aharon, Founder and CEO

Combining hardware and software tools on the patient side with a Digital Diabetes Clinic for payers and providers, GlucoMe aims to ensure patients are receiving the right care at the right time. Medgadget had a chance to sit down with GlucoMe Founder and CEO Yiftah Ben Aharon to learn more.