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Health IT Startup: GlucoMe http://electronichealthreporter.com/health-it-startup-glucome/

GlucoMe enhances the way diabetes patients and medical teams work together by changing the traditional face-to-face diabetes care paradigm with an AI-enabled digital diabetes clinic.


Пять израильских стартапов, которые меняют медицину уже сейчас https://rb.ru/opinion/izrail-startapy/

Five Israeli Startups Changing Healthcare Today (Russian)

Nina Zavrieva, curator of the hi-tech exhibition "Impossible is inevitable. Ideas that change the world" at the Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center, Moscow talks about what Glucome and other Israeli start-ups are achieving.  


Digital Diabetes Clinic adopted in India uses Israeli tech https://www.israel21c.org/digital-diabetes-clinic-adopted-in-india-uses-israeli…

Apollo Sugar diabetes clinics throughout India are integrating the GlucoMe digital diabetes platform into their home-care program.