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Israeli startup uses big data, minimal hardware to treat diabetes…

GlucoMe aims to streamline treatment for diabetics to improve individual care and provide relief to overburdened system.

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Channel Two (Israel)

Innovations that can overcome bureaucracy for diabetes patients

Personalized medicine is responding to the need to overcome bureaucracy for diabetes patients, as discussed in Channel Two's morning show (Hebrew).

Diabetes is a pandemic the world over, and healthcare organizations are straining to keep up with the overload. The GlucoMe platform enables accessibility to real-time data for each patient. It helps patients follow the right treatment plan and reduce complications of their condition.

This and other technologies will be on display at MEDinISRAEL 2017.


The Future of Medicine: This is how smartphones will manage your health,7340,L-4919726,00.html

Customized medical treatment that fits in your pocket: featuring the GlucoMe platform in Ynet (Hebrew).

A solution to that unbearable time waiting for the doctor is right in your pocket. The medical industry is taking advantage of the fact that each of us carries a smartphone, and is currently developing numerous digital applications that will monitor and transmit health data to caregivers in real-time.