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Israel presents its own pavilion at the upcoming MEDICA 2016…

Israel's leader high-tech companies in healthcare and medical IT fields will be presented in the Israeli booth, where they are going to showcase their latest innovation in terms of futuristic medical devices and groundbreaking discoveries. These will show to the world some breakthrough innovations in medical science such as Motorika's robotic arm, GlucoMe's latest wireless Blood Glucose Monitor and Medasense Biometrics' objective pain monitoring solutions.

Israel’s Top MedTech and Healthcare IT Companies for 2016

GlucoMe developed a wireless blood glucose monitor, which can easily be connected to a mobile device. The monitor is small, fashionable and with a simple design, featuring no display, buttons, or any other complications.


Strategic partnerships could be the solution to over-monitoring problems in medtech

The device is super-small, fashionable, and extremely simple to use. The monitor on GlucoMe has a simple design, with no display, no on/off buttons, no wired connector, no Bluetooth, no WiFi and no cellular connection, providing users with a simple and straightforward device.