Dov Moran
Dov Moran


A well-known technology entrepreneur, inventor and businessman, Mr. Dov Moran was founder and chairman of M-Systems and invented the Disk-On-Key (USB Flash Drive), the Disk-On-Chip and other similar devices. In 2006, M-Systems was sold to SanDisk for $1.6 billion.

Following the sale of M-Systems, Dov founded modu, whose modular phone concept patents and technology were sold to Google. Dov was also the chairman of Tower Semiconductor, a top-tier semiconductor developer and manufacturer, and successfully steered the struggling company towards profitability.

He established few more successful companies and is serving now as the managing partner of Grove Venture, a leading tech driven early stage Israeli Venture Capital fund.

In the course of his entrepreneurial work, Dov has filed more than 40 patents and helped to establish over ten companies. He holds a BSc from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and honorary doctorates from the Technion, Israel, and Moscow Technological University MIREA. He has received many awards, including the Eduard Rhein Award (considered the Nobel prize of technology).