For Payers

GlucoMe offers healthcare providers and insurers better high-level visibility and control over diabetes care. With GlucoMe, both quality and cost of diabetes care are easily assessed and optimized.

GlucoMe delivers

  • Always-Updated Data
    Drawing on data collected in near real-time from thousands of actual patients and caregivers, GlucoMe delivers a clearer picture of care trends – from efficacy through costs, and everything in between.GlucoMe’s advanced reporting provides individual-level patient usage, adherence, and treatment effectiveness snapshots, as well as global population, clinic, and patient group management reports. This offers payers unequalled big data insights into the real-life patient behavior patterns that directly affect the bottom line.
  • Measurable Savings, Rapid ROI
    Insurers are turning to subsidized patient smart devices in order to raise quality of care, enhance patient satisfaction, and lower health complications over the long term. However, as the population of diabetes patients continues to grow dramatically, payers also need to consider costs.GlucoMe offers a high-end feature-set at a low-end price point. Our simple yet powerful solutions deliver uncompromising accuracy, quality, simplicity of care and flexibility – together with a cost-effectiveness that delivers rapid ROI and can actually lower costs.
  • Long Term Cost Reductions
    GlucoMe’s smart end-to-end diabetes care approach helps lower long-term diabetes complications, keeping HbA1c levels in check and improving clinical outcomes. Enhanced diabetes management from GlucoMe is simply win-win for patients and payers - enhanced quality of life and lower long-term treatment expenses.