For Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is a daily part of life for millions of people. But life with diabetes is complex. There’s lots to think about, lots to remember, lots to do. There are also loved ones and medical professionals who need to help make sure life goes smoothly.

GlucoMe simplifies life with diabetes and lowers the burden of diabetes monitoring.

  • Comprehensive – Our end to end solution includes a wireless Blood Glucose Monitor, Insulin Pen Monitor, Mobile App for Android or iOS, and web-based Digital Diabetes Clinic for healthcare professionals.
  • Intuitive - With GlucoMe nothing needs to be remembered, calculated, written down or typed in manually.
  • Simple To Use - The GlucoMe wireless monitors connect with any smartphone, and sync automatically to the cloud-based Digital Diabetes Clinic.
  • Powerful - Even though it’s simple to use, GlucoMe is powerful and practical - delivering clear information, along with straightforward and actionable insights.
  • Safe - With GlucoMe, up-to-the-minute information about compliance with treatment plans and treatment progress is always only a tap away.
  • Effective - GlucoMe facilitates clinical improvement and better overall patient health
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