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A New Level of Personalized Diabetes Management

Your personalized diabetes management companion, the GlucoMe Mobile App collects clinical information automatically and securely transmits it in real time for cloud-based analysis. Personalized and smart insights, along with guidance from medical professionals, ensure effective treatment and reinforce healthy self-care behavior.

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GlucoMe Mobile App Key Features

GlucoMe delivers peace of mind to patients and caregivers by removing the confusing burden of recording and managing insulin intake and blood glucose monitoring. GlucoMe automatically receives data from each insulin intake or blood glucose measurement, syncs it automatically to the cloud, and provides:

  • Useful and actionable insights
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Connection to patient's caregiver
  • Real-time online support from medical professionals
  • Proactive guidance on treatment plan
  • iOS and Android – GlucoMe monitors are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and with any smartphone model, enabling maximum device flexibility for users.
  • Automatic glucose tracking – With no patient effort, GlucoMe monitors glucose levels over time, to identify and understand trends.
  • Automatic insulin intake tracking - GlucoMe keeps treatment on track with an always-available injection history, helping avoid double injections and ensuring patients always know when their next injection is due.
  • Information logbook and charts – The GlucoMe app automatically saves and analyzes all information, providing reports and charts for better tracking and monitoring. All data is accessible at any time, eliminating the need for paperwork or manual recording.
  • Actionable insights – GlucoMe delivers the deeper understanding that enables smarter adaptation of day-to-day behavior.
  • HbA1c estimation – GlucoMe helps patients correct behavior on-the-fly, quantifying long-term treatment efficacy and enabling HbA1c levels control over time.
  • Actionable treatment plans – GlucoMe keeps medical professionals firmly in the driver’s seat of treatment, providing patients with updated physician-created treatment guidance, in real time.
  • Reminders and alerts – GlucoMe enables accurate, on-time treatments, freeing patients and caregivers from the burden of manual tracking and recording.

Simplified Diabetes Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the app called?

For Android devices, find GlucoMe in Google Play. For iOS mobile devices, find GlucoMe mobile in the App Store.

Which mobile devices are supported?

The following mobile devices support the GlucoMe app: iPhone or iPad devices running iOS 8 or later and Android phones running version 4.0.3 or later.

Do I need a code for the app?

No. Once you are registered with the system, no code is required.

Can I access my personal profile on more than one device?

Yes. The GlucoMe app can be installed on multiple mobile devices. Since it is synchronized in the cloud, personal data can be accessed from different mobile devices using your login details.

Can I use the app with another glucose meter?

Yes. For certain applicable markets, you may use another supported glucose meter and connect it to the GlucoMe App (currently these are the Contour Next One and Accu-chek Guide), or alternatively enter the results manually. In the near future, we plan to integrate the GlucoMe app with additional glucose meters. You can leave your details here and we will update you on our progress.

What happens to my personal information?

Your clinical information is securely saved in the cloud and cannot be shared with anyone unless you allow it. The app enables information sharing with either medical professionals or caregivers, if you choose to do so.

Who will see my personal information?

Only those who receive your permission to see your personal information will see it. You can define to whom and when the system sends information and it will do so either automatically or manually.

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