GlucoMe and Merck to Present Digital Diabetes Management Outcomes at the Upcoming IDF Congress 2019 in South Korea

October 11, 2021

The International Diabetes Federation Welcomes GlucoMe’s Findings in the Field of Digital Diabetes Care Systems

YARKONA, ISRAEL – NOVEMBER 20, 2019 – GlucoMe, the creators of an innovative digital diabetes platform, announced today that they will present the results of their digital diabetes management project at the International Diabetes Federation’s upcoming Congress in December 2019 in South Korea. The study, which was conducted in collaboration with Merck, highlights the added value of GlucoMe’s diabetes solution which helped patients reduce their HbA1c levels in only 12 weeks.

The study to be presented – titled - Digital diabetes care system – observations and insights from a market acceptance evaluation pilot in Vietnam, aimed to assess the clinical outcomes of patients using the GlucoMe digital solution in a Southeast Asian country.

GlucoMe’s CEO, Yiftah Ben-Aharon, commented, “GlucoMe partnered with Merck and together worked closely with several endocrinology clinics and hospitals in Vietnam. The clinics were provided with the GlucoMe app and blood glucose meter and instructed their patients on how to use the system. Data were collected and analyzed centrally.”

“Overall, the pilot was a great success as patients and clinics were able to communicate on a more frequent basis, leading to improved clinical results. Developing countries have a large market potential yet present unique challenges. This pilot study demonstrates that GlucoMe is a viable model for rapid implementation and roll out to additional countries in other emerging markets.”

Dr. Avivit Cahn, of the Diabetes Unit at Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital in Israel, and of one of the  co-authors of the study, said, “Adherence to glucose measurements was markedly high with the assistance of GlucoMe’s digital solution, leading to an overall reduction in the average blood glucose levels by 19.5 mg/dl by the end of the study. Moreover, high retention rates of 81% and multiple digital touchpoints between the patients and the health care professionals, led to much satisfaction on both ends with over 95% of the physicians and patients stating they would strongly support the broad usage of the GlucoMe platform.”

GlucoMe is a digital diabetes management solution that effectively and efficiently streamlines the disease management process for patients and the entire healthcare system, including health care providers, supporting medical teams, insurers, tele-medicine, and remote care providers.

Using its Digital Diabetes Clinic (DDC) along with the Control Tower (CT), GlucoMe assists medical teams in identifying and prioritizing urgent cases for more timely intervention while enabling a significant increase in patient interactions without the need to intensify resources and staff. The platform’s advanced insights, analyses and treatment recommendations provide quick guidance for medical teams to enable better control and more effective management of diabetes patient populations.

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About GlucoMe

GlucoMe is a digital health company developing and marketing a comprehensive digital solution for diabetes management. With its new algorithm-based Decision Support System analyzing relevant diabetes data and providing medical teams with treatment recommendations, GlucoMe is on track to realize its vision of offering an autonomous diabetes care platform.

The GlucoMe solution enables smart and cost-effective remote care and monitoring, streamlining and simplifying diabetes care for patients, caregivers and medical professionals. Its core architecture enables quick and simple implementation allowing organizations to easily step up and expand their services while maintaining personalized quality care.

The GlucoMe platform includes an affordable wireless blood glucose monitor; a mobile app; a Digital Diabetes cloud-based monitoring & control management software for healthcare organizations and professionals; and a Control Tower, to enable patient and population data-driven prioritization and management.

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